Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Nyay for India’ will make India worse than Venezuela.

Today in a press conference held by Congress Party, Rahul gandhi, the President of the party, announced ‘Nyay for India scheme’, where in 5 crore of India’s poorest farmer families will receive 72,000 per year.

Although on the out it looks like an election lollilop, if scratch you it a bit, it has a very huge potential for setting a very dangerous precedent.

First and the foremost is that it will give rise to freeloading culture, there by making more and more people unemployed if they were to receive Rs.6000 per month by doing nothing.

Secondly, Rs.72000 to 5 Crore families, will amount to 15% of India’s GDP. Has Congress given us any plan how it plans to implement it? Taking out such a huge sum from country’s GDP at a stage where economy is booming and one wrong step will make us go back to 20 years before.

Making 15% of India’s GDP to go to nothing, will demand reducing India’s defence budget, which at this crucial juncture and taking into consideration the geopolitical scenario is suicide.

PPP will get reduced by around 8-9% reducing HDI , which will again put a large protion of population below poverty line.

If Congress were to implement this scheme, it will not only make economy stagnant, but will also produce a huge chunk of population doing nothing to fed by another huge chunk of Population doing everything

‘Nyay for India’ is another one of the ideas from a socialist mind that has huge potential to turn India into Venezuela.

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