Dear Feminism in India, please promote Body Positivity, NOT Obesity.

Just today Feminism in India featured this article on their site :

It all looked like giving a free passage to being obese and being proud about it. Although we have nothing against the respected lady who wrote the article, but for Feminism In India handle to promote it and call those genuinely concerned about obesity and its implications on health as ‘fatphobes’ is disgraceful to say the least.

Body Positivity sure must be encouraged. But to not only support and encourage obesity but also label others who warn about its hazards from an handle that claims to stand for rights of women sets a dangerous precedent. So there is a need to counter this factless argument of fatphobia.

Whether people like it or not, obesity is real and yes it has implications on health of people especially women in worst way.

Dr. Frank who is an MD has clearly stated adverse effects of obesity on a woman’s health in the following article :

In this article he states, “Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, is central to the metabolic syndrome and is strongly related to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women. Obese women are particularly susceptible to diabetes, and diabetes, in turn, puts women at dramatically increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).” He has also stated all other worse implications of obesity on health of women as the article progresses.

According to National Family Health Survey 2005-2006, problem of obesity is acute among women than men. Around 23% of India’s ubran women are said to be obese or overweight. It is viewed to be double by coming years. In such a situation, where India is facing two contrast problems of malnutrition and obesity, it is expected of respected platforms like Feminism in India to be more vigilant and careful regarding the issues they support and promote.

It is a fact that obesity has direct effect on women’s fertility and also plays a catalyst’s role in development of conditions of PCOS. According to Middle East fertility Science Journal around 10% of women suffer from PCOS.

Although we agree that Body Positivity should be promoted. Every woman should be able to love the way she was born and embrace her sexuality and her body shape but that does not give a lisence to promote obesity. Obesity and anorexia both are worse and both should collectively be condemned making sure women are made known of their ill effects.

So dear, Feminism in India, if you call yourselves as torch bearer of Women’s issues, next time be careful of who and what you promote. To quote Uncle Ben, “With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility.”





Blogged by Madhura Joshi

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