Done with all the Hindutva Bashing? Now see the real fate of Hindus

Hindus are facing genocide in Pakistan and not one International Organisation has talked about it. When partition happened Hindus were almost 20% in Pakistan, now they have been reduced to less than 2 percent.

This clear genocide of Hindus is happening right under the nose of International Organisations and no one bats an eye. India itself adressed this issue 70 years later when Sushma Swaraj, India MEA finally tweeted about fate of Hindus in Pakistan when two girls were abducted, raped and forcefully converted. This has caused an uproar in India as well as Pakistani Society. But this is not the only case.

There are millions of Hindus in Pakistan facing discrimination, harassment and silent genocide at the hands of state.

We know its too hard for you to take time from your schedule, but we insist, just for two minutes…watch this video and before u say India is mistreating its minorites, do watch, what real mistreatment of minorities looks like :

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