Demonetisation : Daddy of all announcements.

It is not a secret anymore that the planning and execution for demonitization was poles apart. Was it a success or a failure? Well, we won’t dwell into it today, but one thing is for sure, I know all the ATM’s near my areas by heart. Now is that a good thing? It’s pretty harmless actually. It’s funny though, that whenever you say DeMo DeMo repetitively, you hear Modi Modi. It’s like demonitization has become Modi’s second name.

After the 8:15 pm announcement which shook the nation, political parties with unaccounted black money were wiping their tears with the demonitized notes. With Modi’s sudden move all the political party supremos were caught red faced with their pants down .Sources tell us that Mayawati was seen emptying her elephant statues stashed with notes, Akhilesh was buzy fighting with his dad and missed the plot, Mamta was instigating the people of Bengal against Modi, and Rahul was watching “Chota bheem-the movie” on Cartoon Network.

The next day, all of the opposition parties were back to playing various characters of different movies. The most prominent acts was of Rahul Gandhi who played, the ‘Messiah of poor’ and reached at one of the bank to stand in the queue to feel the plight of the common man. The only uncommon thing was he arrived at the bank in a limited edition Range Rover. Talk about common. After all it is common for him to travel in a Range rover. The only uncommon thing he did was standing in the queue, which is a new thing for him. I am sure he must have enjoyed that once in a lifetime experience. When people standing in the queue were asked if this move had angered them, they seemed to welcome the move and were happy to contribute to a greater cause. Was the cause served? maybe not. But Modi’s effort and intention was known to people.

At the backdrop of all gentleman in Mumbai was grinning from ear to ear. His recently lauched company was providing free services to millions of Indian.Yeah! you guessed it right. The name is Ambani. Mukesh Ambani.

Satire by Ashwin Agarkhed.

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