Thanks to PM Modi, India is now officially a SuperPower.

PM Modi on weďnesday announced that India is now a part of elite space super power club after successful test of ASAT Missile.

The mission is known as ‘Shakti’ and it has put us along the league of US, Russia and China making us emerge as the 4th Super Power in the world.

PM Modi said that #Mission Shakti was not against any country and the satellite had a predetermined target orbiting at around 300 km. Shooting down a low orbiting satellite is a rare achievement for the country.

The elusive mission was led by DRDO and it amied at strengthening the security of the country. In a press conference, during the 97th Indian Science Congress in Trivandrum, Director of DRDO, Gen. Rupesh had announced about the development of the said technology. The commencement of the mission had started on February 10, 2010. PM Modi said that Mission Shakti was a complex one and its success showed the dexterity of our scientists and our capability.

The difficult to achieve #MissionShakti was acheived in 3 minutes of its launch.

Anti Satellite weapon are specialised space weapons that have the capability of intercepting and destroying the satellites of another country during a conflict. Although till now no such system has been used in warfare, several nations have shot down their own satellites in a show of force.

India has long been in troubled neighbourhood, with surrounded by hostile expansionist super power like China and nuisance of terrorism like Pakistan. With this technology being acquired, India will be able to decimate satellites for pure military and strategic purposes. It will also strengthen our position in Geopolitical world, there by boosting our eligibility for UNSC membership.

This mission has fully strengthened India’s position as 4th superpower of the World, thereby putting all power playing of other nations to rest.

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