The Unspoken Philanthropist side of Vivek Oberoi.

When it comes to Bollywood, even the sneezes of the Khans get reported. Their so called ‘Humanitarian’ gestures cause a lot of ripples and claps. But there are some unspoken heroes in Btown who do much than these Khans and yet demand no publicity or accolades. One of them is Vivek Oberoi.

Vivek Oberoi has recently been in news and has also faced certain criticism from usual suspects which tow down to the ‘First’ family of India for his film on India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While his role is being appreciated, there is also some other work of his that needs to be appreciated. Mr. Oberoi has been vocal supporter of our Army, the current government and its policies. While he makes no news or press conferences over the social work he does, so people know little about this side of him.

Mr. Oberoi had donated 25 flats to the families of CRPF jawans  who were martyred in Naxal Attack. He was also awarded the Good Samaritan Award from Rotary International for his work with Project Hope and the Red and White Bravery Award in 2006 for helping re-build a village which was hit severely by tsunami. He has also founded Yashodhara Health Care Foundation. He serves as WHO’s anti-tobacco campaign spokesperson.

Mr. Oberoi has been involved in projects such as Project Devi, Cancer Patients Aid Association and Banyan, which works towards rehabilitating mentally challenged homeless women.

With all the media coverage around the socalled philanthropist Khans, there are the unsung heroes like Vivek Oberoi, whose work needs to be acknowledged and appreciated

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