Editor’s Guilt? : Shekhar Gupta named in Augusta Westland Scam.

Indian Journalism is as free as a cow tied to a rope around a fence. It has as much freedom as its masters in 10 Janpath allow it to have. No matter how much ’emminent’ journalists make us believe their so called honesty and integrity, truth is otherwise.

Funny thing is, these species of ‘secular’ , ’emminent’ journalists who are always first one to pass judgments , throw dirt and peddle fake news against Hindutva Forces?n which they view as ‘communal’ are the first ones to cry hoarse and chicken out if the real skeletons in their closet comeout.

Make no mistake, this isnt about peddling fake news or targetting a particular religion which our ’emminent’ journalists are masters in, this is a real news about one of Delhi’s master conman journalist being officially caught his pants down in a scam.

Augusta Westland, is one of the many scams of the Gandhi (first family for their slaves) Family that rocked the country. The uniqueness about this case is that its one of the only few where the Boss Bitch or the Italian Lady has been directly named by middleman Christian Michel. Now that is another story. But Michel also names three ‘neutral’ journos involved in the scam.

One of the big names of them, is Shekhar Gupta. Yes, the very Shekhar Gupta who peddled this fake story about an imaginary coup by then Army Chief Gen. V K Singh against then government, thats his masters, the *Italian* Congress. And he got away with it! Here is the infamous story in IE and the Journalist’s tweets who exposed him.

Shekhar Gupta was also instrumental behind the press conference of socalled dissenting judges, one of whom is now CJI.

After getting named in scam, all Guptaji did was to cry victimhood. The card that never expires!

So after many *coincidental* *ignorant* gaffe’s my Gupta, its upto us to decide, and ask questions. Its about time, not just politicians but Journalists are also asked questions and held accountable . For they are the fourth pillar of these Great Theatre called Democracy!

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