Controversies, B -grade films and Islam : Unmasking Mahesh Bhatt

Soni Razdan, second wife of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt a man known for making B-grade soft porn films, blatantly peddled fake news on twitter :

Wherein she asked people to vote against Modi, citing that hatred killed the person mentioned in the tweet. Reality is that, Junaid was killed in a fight between his brothers. Its not the ‘Bhakts’ or ‘RightWingers’ who are saying this, its the Honourable High Court who has maintained what Modi supporters are saying.

But its nothing new, Mahesh Bhatt and all of his family has had a history of hobnobbing with Islamists, peddling fake news, supporting Pakistan and hating everything that is Indian.

Pooja Bhatt, daughter of Mahesh Bhatt from his first wife, whom he had a lip lock scene with in a film, is famous face in party circles of Pakistan.

Just some days back, Soni Razdan, the second wife of the B grade film maker had said, she would rather live in Pakistan, a country famous for terrorism, radicalism and conducting steady Hindu Genocide.

Rahul Bhatt, son of Mahesh Bhatt from his first wife had a very ‘friendly’ relation with David Headley, the chief facilitator of 26/11 Islamic Terrorist attacks which took life of more than 500 Indian citizens.

Mahesh Bhatt himself doesnt stay back when it comes to taking anti-India stand. He is a regular face in many Hardline Islamic gatherings. He supported Pakistan Artists when all of India called for their boycott. He was at the launch of the book ’26/11 RSS Ki Saazish’ where in reality his own son was friends with the chief accused. Mahesh Bhatt was one of the signitaries on mercy petition for Kasab.

After all this, the Bhatt family has audacity to lecture us Indians on tolerance and values.

May be Mahesh Bhatt should stick to making Soft porn films and making out with his daughters, rather than telling Indians what to do.

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