Why Smriti Irani deserves our utmost respect.

Smriti Irani right from prior to 2014 is continuously on hitlist of the liberals. Everytime, everything she does is turned into huge controversy by our Liberals or should I say media who are on payroll of 10 Janpath?

Smriti Irani is one of the few BJP Leaders who supported PM Modi’s candidency for the Prime Ministral Post. Every thing was all fine until she was declared to be a candidate against the Liberal’s blue eyed Prince Rahul Gandhi.

Then came the hitjobs, the name calling and worst abuses being thrown at Ms. Irani. She has been called worst things a woman could imagine. Has been trolled to the lowest degree by socalled humans who cry hoarse when they are trolled.

But all through these years, Smriti Irani has not once played the victimhood card, which is by the way a favourite of the slaves of 10 Janpath. She has maintained a dignified silence in worst of the cases.

Latest controversy being generated regarding her degree and being shamelessly trolled using uncivilian abuses by none other than a woman, one would have thought this time Ms. Irani might lose her cool, but instead she chose to work for people of Amethi, where she is contesting against The Prince, rather than entertaining this people.

Ms. Irani has indeed made a castle from every brick thrown at her. And now she’s all set to break the fortress if the Gandhis.

She’s indeed a force to reckon with, a real empowered woman and Feminist we should stan.

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