Since last week Opposition and its ecosystem has peddled five fake news and has literally got away with it.

As the Elections are approaching, so are the oppositions fears of losing to Modi. The hysteria is making them do things that would’ve been termed illegal and called for action in a real world. But Democracy and Model Code of Conduct is just a one way street and actions are taken by our Honourable ECI only when the complaint is against the ruling party

Lets now learn about the top five fake news Opposition and its Ecosystem has tried to peddle and literally got away with it.

1. Army’s Letter.

This is by far the worst and one of the unforgivable things. A letter was ciculating on Social Media where in Army Veterans had complained to President regarding supposed ‘Politicization’ of Army by the ruling party. The letter was shared by many from the Congress’s ecosystem like Swati Chaturvedi, Sagarika Ghose, Rifiat Jawed etc. Later the letter turned out to be fake and President Office cateogorically denied receiving such later. Many of the Veteran Army men including former Army Chiefs denied writing such letter! Not one of this fake news peddlers apologised for this crime.

2. Rahul Gandhi Assassination Hoax.

Congress cried hoarse when a green light of camera was seen on Rahul Gandhi’s face (which was from phone’s camera of a congressman) to be of a sniper. The claim was busted by netizens in no time.

3. Rafale Judgement :

The Ecosystem tried to twist the Honourable Supreme Court’s judgement vis-a-vis Rafale and no one bat an eye. The claim was busted eventually.

4. Unam Khanum Case :

A law student from UP’s Meerut tried to play victimhood on Social Media by concocting a fake story of harassment. Since the claimant was from Minority community, Ecosystem’s blue eyed boy, Shashi Tharoor took no time to support the girl without any regard for checking the actual truth, and Ecosystem took up the story. Some independent Journalists like Swati Goel Sharma and Deepika Bharadwaj later investigated the matter and the claim turned out to be false..

5.Murli Manohar Joshi ‘s letter :

A letter was circulating on social media supposedly written by MurliManohar Joshi with ANI water mark on it. Where in he had claimed to be upset with BJP’s current leadership. Later, the letter turned out to be false and ANI denied possessing such letter so did MMJ’s Office writing such letter!

We are sure in coming days many such fake news will be peddled and no action will be taken. For sure, India may or may not be tolerant under PM Modi, but ECI of Modi’s rule is sure tolerant when it comes to taking action against the Ecosystem.

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