Polytickle : Raul Vinci and his vices.

Amidst the political scuffle among all the parties in India, one characters manages to stand apart from all. This 48 year old, seems to care too much about the people of our country, when out of power, but when in-power the same guy dupes the people of India by cores or rupees. People who use a bit of logic are able to see through his falsehood. The two stark contrasts in his character give him a dual personality one of a savior and other as a bandit. And as dual personality demands dual names, he goes by the names Rahul Gandhi and Raul Vinci.

But people fail to figure out who is the savior among the two and let this fool run loose in India. His vices mainly include spreading false propaganda, laughing in serious situations, binge watching Chota bheem and talk nonsense. With supreme court slapping him with notices over careless comments, Raul has successfully become a laughing stalk once again. Running a falsehood campaign seriously undermines the credibility of any person in public life. Seeing, the eminent defeat on 23rd of May, Raoul, is going bonkers now. Let’s hope a quick and a speedy recovery to him from the big defeat this year.

blogged by Ashwin Agarkhed.

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