Anti Modi Club and their polarisation of Vote

Javed Akthar and Shabana Azmi have over a period of time have been a part of the Pak sympathisers and the ‘award vaapsi gang’ . They talk about intolerance in India and polarise the crowd during elections by campaigning for the Congress and asking muslims to vote for the candidates.

It is dangerous when non political players come into the political fray try and to influence the mob. That to against the majority of the population. It is okay for a politician to come into politics, and then hold rallies and campaign for their party, but when non political players campaign for a certain party their campaign must be scrutinized.

Siddhu who is campaigning for the Congress party is setting new records of stopping low. What he doesn’t realize is that people have turned against him and it would be difficult for him to come back into the mainstream. The cricketer turned comedy show judge turned politician has truely became a joke in front of the nation.

The anti-modi club right now is being perceived as a Pro-Pakistan and anti Hindu club by the people of the country. Thus without any need of intervention, the 2019 politics will witness a polarised voting. When Yogi made the Ali – Bajrangbali comment towards the opposition, it set the counter attack for all those seeking muslim votes on basis of religion.

Blogged by Ashwin Agarkhed

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