Big Win against Islamic Terrorism! Maulana Masood Azhar designated as Global Terrorist.

India’s persistent efforts to designate Pakistani Islamic Terrorist, Maulana Masood Azhar have finally been successful. All of the countries have joined together to designate Maulana Azhar on UN list of Global Terrorists.

India had been consistently putting resolution in UN to designate Azhar who had been menace for the country being involved in various Islamic Terror attacks that occured on Indian Soil, Pulwana being one of them. Masood has backing of Pakistani Military and operates from Pakistani Soil.

In recent Balakot Air Strikes, that killed around 300 JeM terrorists, it is believed that Brother in Law of Azhar was killed.

The resolution had been kept of hold due to China’s objection on technical grounds. But this time China too, along with France, USA and UK came on board with India and India’s efforts became fruitful.

The move can surely be percieved as result of PM Modi’s successful diplomacy and World’s one voice criticism of Islamic Terrorism.

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