Modi 2.0 And the factors that led to it.

After a rigorous Election campaign and equally painful waiting time, D-day is here and PM Modi is all set to be on India’s Iron Throne with even a bigger margin. India’s Grand Old Party now, a Gandhi Pvt. Ltd has failed to even open an account in many states. As Modi 2.0 is here lets take a look over the factors that contributed to PM Modi’s victory :

1. The Gandhis. Yes, India is finally done with the fake Gandhi family, their antics and their elite mindset.

2. Incompetent Rahul Gandhi : Time and again Rahul Gandhi has proved to be incompetent and a reluctant Politician. Its just right to say now that he is no match for even a competent BJP Karyakarta let alone the Political Giants that are Modi and Shah.

Amit Shah : Amit Shah’s herculean efforts in building the party towards what it is today has finally paid off. His Strategy and campaign should be up for Phd Studies to be fair. Chanakya Niti hasn’t faded , its here and blooming.

Bua-Bhatija non-starter : The politics of desperation by two old rivals SP-BSP coming together proved absolutely nothing. People felt betrayed by this two enemies coming together. In longterm politics, its not a good move, only helped BJP to make their campaign further agressive.

North-East outreach : It can be safely said now NE has played a huge part in making sure Modi gets aboard the Prime Ministral ship. NE has stood firmly behind BJP in this elections. All thanks to the development of BJP and the HIRA -Highway-Industry-Rail-Agriculture project of the government.

Tectonic Shift in Indian Politics : Era of Dynastic politics is finally over. People of India are voting on a person’s personal achievements than seeing the family he came from.

Hindutva Factor : PM Modi has finally managed to break all the caste-creed-tribal-urban barries and unite Hindus under one banner of Hindutva.

RSS -RSS has silent worked for BJP in mobilising the cadre and strengthening the party’s hold over country at ground level.

There are many more, but this according to me are major factors that led to BJP’s Massive win.

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