BJP Govt to correct the historic Nehruvian Blunder!

With all the speculations and excitement among the Indians has finally come to rest, the thrilling saga going on since last two days, finally comes to its conclusion with Home Minister Amit Shah adressing Rajya Sabha at 11 A.M.

The Government has finally taken decision to revoke Article 370, a historic Nehruvian Blunder that wrecked havoc in Kashmir for past 70 years and cause bloodbath in the state and also the whole country.

What would have been quixotic otherwise, has now come to fruition, when Kashmir finally integrates with India fully, and Constitution of J&K Assembly stands scrapped.

It is interesting to now see how will the socalled ‘stake holders’ of Kashmir and the Congress Party, responsible for this nemesis will react. One thing is very clear, with this move, BJP has sealed the deal for 2024 and beyond.

Seems like the Right is here to stay, and Right is here to stay Stronger than ever!

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