After deleting previous tweets supporting removal of Article 370, Rana Ayyub spews venom against the Government.

Serial faker and Hindu hater who masquerades as a journalist, Ms. Rana Ayyub doesnt miss to hit new lows everyday with her abnoxious behaviour and pathological hatred of anything and everything Indian.

Recently Modi Govt took historic decision to remove the temporary Article 370 from the Constitution of India as a conclusive step towards Integration of Kashmir with the rest of the country and to pace the efforts for development and peace in the valley, many leftists and disruptors of peace in India have come out in the protest against the move.

One of them is Rana Ayyub, who definitely has many skeletons in her closet, has been continuously spewing venom against the Government and has gone so far to declare India as a fascist country. If writing articles trashing India and its majority wasnt enough, she has decided to go further by abusing Armed Forces by indirectly calling them complicit in genocide.

But little does she know that Internet knows all and remembers everything. A few years back, the same Ayyub had tweeted in favour of removal of Article 370. Although now the tweets have been deleted, deligent twitteratis were clever enough to take the screenshots.

Recently Ms. Ayyub’s tell all and investigative book about socalled ‘Gujarat Riots’ was thrashed by Supreme Court of India by calling it fictional account and thereby questioning its veracity.

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