Making a case for Congress : Why the party needs a serious revamp.

Ever since Article 370 has been revoked and Jammu and Kashmir have been given a Union Territory status similar to New Delhi and Ladakh being another territory, finally getting freedom from hegemony of the valley, everyone in the country seems to be happy and pleased. While everyone is lauding PM Modi and BJP for this audacious decision, the reaction from Congress, a party with glorious history of being forefront in Indian Freedom Struggle, a party that has ruled this country for 7 decades, a party during whose reign country fought 3 wars with Pakistan and won was rather a shocker. With Congress’s Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary shooting himself in foot with the ‘Kashmir is not an internal matter’ gaffe to Ghulam Nabi Azad’s desperate defense of the separatist leaders, Congress Party gives an impression of a club of all that is wrong with the ideology that lies on the left of the spectrum. But, to call a party that has ruled this country for 7 decades, seditious, would be too far. There are many sane voices with in the party like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Karan Singh, Milind Deora etc that have gone against the Party lines and supported the government on this issue.

But implying this reactions and decisions as ‘rebelling’ and drawing conclusions of a possible ‘split’ and rebellion against Congress’s first family, The Gandhis, might be over the top. Not being an optimist over here, but just trying to be querolous and ambiguous over the current developments with in the grand old party.

All is true that currently Congress is at its worst stage with a leadership vacuum and this situation could not have made Congress’s misery any good. Ever since Rahul Gandhi has left, the Congress seems directionless, desperate and diffident. That doesnt mean, Congress’s agenda and stand was right during Rahul’s time, but whatever stand it took, it was firm on it.

Taking a different stand in parliament and then gainsaying it after CWC press release doesnt only seem as an effort to mitigate the impact of negative public sentiment but also highlights the upheveal the party is going through not only on the current issue, but ever since its humiliating loss to BJP in 2019 elections and the statements and direction taken by its senior leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, P. Chidambaram, Sam Pitroda, Manish Tewari arent doing the party any good.

May be it is time for this old gaurds to step aside and let the yonger leadership take the charge. It doesnt seem there is any challenge to the Gandhis from the party, but surely there are a lot of contradictions on what a Centrist Party’s stand should be on issue of National Importance, and if it is not with the majority public sentiment, then Congress needs to bid adieu to success in next two or three Loksabha Elections.

The hobnobbing with the left parties, appeasement of the radical elements, opposing popular majoritarian decisions just for gainsay has cost party a lot. Whoever takes charge needs to improve the image with the firm stand on issues of national importance.

In an age of social media, with apathetic opponents like Modi-Shah who go for the kill, the party needs serious competent leadership. Lack of predilection for the leaders other than that from the Gandhi family, dynastic politics and support for leaders accused of venality, needs to be thwarted.

May be there is a split on congress, may be there is not, but the party needs a serious introspection and a reset of ideologies and decisions if it has to survive in this great Jungle called Indian Democracy!

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