Did Congress just dig its own Grave?

Defeat brings need for introspection, correction and acceptance of one’s faults. Normally, policies are corrected, new blueprint is made and people move forward with fresh discourse and leadership.

But as usual, India’s Prime Opposition Party (till now) is an exception for this cliche. After Rahul Gandhi’s leadership proved to be ineffective and costly for the party in not one, but two elections, coupled with Priyanka being disappointment at large with her dismayal performance in UP elections, there was a hope for a total revamp of the India’s Grand Old Party that led us through our freedom struggle, won us three important wars against Pakistan, but all in vain, instead of moving forward and ending the hegemony of Gandhis over the party which would tantamount to end of dynastic politics paving way for a competent and deserving leadership, Congress chose to take step backwards and ‘elect’ 72 Year old Matriarch Sonia Gandhi to again lead the dying Party as Interim President.

Although many think, this will revive Congress as it did after Sitaram Kesari was ‘demoted’ (or thrown out?) as Congress President and Sonia Gandhi was brought in as Party President when Congress faced a tough time. But such a scenario seems ambiguous now.

First of all, with energetic, ruthless and 24×7 Politicians like Modi-Shah, there is a need for equally competetive and young leadership. Sadly, owing to Sonia Gandhi’s age and her health conditions, her commitment to the revival of the party seems futile.

Secondly, BJP’s whole campaign in 2014 stretched to 2019, was based on anti-dyanstic politics. The fate of ‘dyansts’ in their own party is the testimony to the fact of how much the leading duo of the party at the power, abhor and despise dynasts. When PM Modi said, ‘Ab Raja ka beta Raja nahi banega’ it seemed like whole country took it as a resolution. PM Modi’s reelection is surely the end of dynastic politics in India. In such a time where dynasties are becoming irrelevant, Congress sticking to the family that cost them not one but two back to back election defeats (and many more in assembly elections) seems like haughty attitude or a severe mental illness that comes from decades of subserviance. The very fact that NO young and dynamic leader of considerable clout could challenge the Gandhis, implies the kind of power and hold the Gandhis have over the party. The case of Shehzad Poonawalla is textbook example of how dissent is supressed in the party.

The time when Sonia Gandhi was brought in political foray, was when nation was riding with high amount of sympathy for her. She projected this image of wailing widow vying for justice, sacrificing all comforts for the country, but this carefully crafted image over the years was shattered during PM Manmohan Singh’s 10 year long nightmare reign. People came to know the other rather dark side of the Femme Fatale! Social Media played a major role in shattering this image of the Italian turned Indian Lady and it still does. So Sonia Gandhi’s foray into mainstream politics again, will cost party even more instead of benefitting it. Atleast Rahul Gandhi had sympathy of being a man forced into something he never wanted. Sonia will not be given such a mercy.

Sonia Gandhi’s reelection is Congress again going back to outdated dynastic politics, the politics of corruption which cost us 10 good years. There’s a popular theory that every time BJP digs its iwn grave, Congress willfully jumps into it. Guess its really true!

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