How Pakistan reacted to #Article370

As the Monday opened a new chapter in India’s glorious history, integrating Kashmir with the country and truly fulfilling the Sardar Patel’s dream of ‘Unified India’ thereby undoing the Nehruvian Blunder over Kashmir, not all celebrated with as pomp and ceremony.

Many socalled ‘liberals’ and ‘custodians’ of Human Rights and Kashmir issue as a whole, were cried hoarse as their shops of self-righteousness and chauvinism were about to shut.

But its a given and clich`e for these so called ‘Anti-Right’ to act this way. But let us take a look at how our equally rattled and terrified neighbours have reacted to the issue :

Pakistan will never be India’s Friend : Ex-General

Long-running tensions between India and Pakistan over the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir took a new turn in February after a deadly suicide bomb attack on an Indian security convoy that was allegedly claimed by a Pakistan-based terrorist group.

Retired Indian General VK Singh, who now serves as Minister of State for External Affairs, told a Saturday press conference that if New Delhi ever considered Pakistan as a friend, it would become the country’s “biggest weakness”.

“I was informed about opposition candidates in the border areas of Rajasthan claiming that Pakistan was not a threat to India and hence it should not be treated as an enemy nation. But a country which has been triggering proxy wars against India besides being a terrorist hub can never be treated as a friend. Treating Pakistan as a friend will be the biggest weakness of India”, he said.

Addressing the claims that Indian strikes on an alleged terror camp in Pakistan’s Balakot killed 250 terrorists, Singh said that the numbers were based on different reports, and were not the actual figures.

“According to the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), around 300 phones were active in the area at the time of the air strike. Assuming that 250 of the cellphone users were terrorists, we estimated that around 250 militants were killed”, Singh added.

The long-lasting conflict between the two nuclear arms wielding neighbours was exacerbated by a suicide bomb attack reportedly claimed by Pakistan-based Jaish-e Mohammad on 14 February that killed some 40 Indian troops.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (C) addresses a political rally at Himmatnagar, some 70 km from Ahmedabad on 17 April, 2019


Modi Warns Pakistan Against ‘Threats’: India Has ‘Mother of Nuclear Bombs’

New Delhi accused Islamabad of providing a safe haven for terrorists and struck back by carrying out an air raid on a suspected terror camp in Pakistan-administered Kashmir on 26 February that allegedly killed hundreds of terrorists and destroyed a number of facilities.

Pakistan, for its part, has disputed these claims, insisting that the Indian aircraft didn’t target any terrorist infrastructure.

On the next day after the strikes, Pakistan claimed it had downed two Indian warplanes over the Line of Control (LoC) – the de facto border – and captured an Indian pilot, who was released several days later.

New Delhi confirmed the detention of the pilot, as well as the loss of only one aircraft, having come up with a counter-claim that the Indian Air Force had shot down a Pakistani US-made F-16. 

In a bid to corroborate its arguments, the Indian military displayed fragments of an AMRAAM medium-range missile recovered in the Indian-administered part of Kashmir that is said to have been fired by the US-built fighter jet. The Pakistani side has flatly denied scrambling any F-16s for dogfights or sustaining any losses.

Srilanka’s suicide bomber was influenced by INC’s Ex-Lover Zakir Naik.

In a not so shocking development into Srilanka’s Islamic Terrorist Attacks, it has been found that, one of the suicide bombers was infouenced by Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik is an India Islamic Hate preacher, who is wanted in India on terror charges.

India’s then ruling party, Indian National Congress, had very close ties with Naik, and its also said that the donated to the party.

INC’s Senior leader and mentor to current President Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh with Zakir Naik.

BJP’s Election Campaign intensifies.

With less than 15 days to go to for the May 12 Lok Sabha elections in the national capital, thr BJP has intensified their poll campaign here.

Union minister Mr Vardhan, who is pitted against Congress’ J.P. Agarwal and the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Pankaj Gupta from the Chandni Chowk Lol Sabha seat, held meetings with the residents of the Kishanganj railway colony.

He kicked off his ‘padyatra’ from Kishanganj Mandal to Motibagh, Padam Nagar and Sadar Bazar.

Meanwhile, Vijay Goyal took out a cycle rally on Sunday morning with suspended AAP MLA Kapil Mishra in the capital city.

On the other hand, North East Delhi BJP candidate Manoj Tiwari, who is pitted against former Shiela Dikshit and the AAP’s Dilip Pandey, kicked off his roadshow from the Burari area in his constituency.

On Saturday, he held a 15-km long roadshow from Loni road to Shahdra which saw the participation of hundred of BJP workers and supporters.

The BJP’s West Delhi candidate Pravesh Verma interacted with the residents of Punjabi Bagh at the Veer Sawarkar park in the area.

Ramesh Bidhuri, who is re-contesting from South Delhi and is pitted against Congress’ Vijender Singh and AAP’s Raghav Chadha, met members of the resident welfare association in Saket, after which began his ‘rath yatra’ from the Bijwasan area in his constituency.

Cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir, who is contesting for the BJP from the East Delhi, kicked-off his roadshow from Seemapuri roundabout to Babu Ram School in Shahdra.

Rahul Gandhi chooses Minorty Wayanad over Hindu Amethi.

Among the rise in speculations over facing a defeat to Smriti Irani in his own home, Rahul Gandhi has decided to Contest from Wayanad in Kerela along with Amethi.

Amethi has a popuation of around 91% Hindus according to 2011 census where as Wayanad is mostly Muslim and Christian dominated area. This again has given rise to debate of the Gandhi family’s and subsequently Congress party’s ignorance towards Hindus.

Thanks to PM Modi, India is now officially a SuperPower.

PM Modi on weďnesday announced that India is now a part of elite space super power club after successful test of ASAT Missile.

The mission is known as ‘Shakti’ and it has put us along the league of US, Russia and China making us emerge as the 4th Super Power in the world.

PM Modi said that #Mission Shakti was not against any country and the satellite had a predetermined target orbiting at around 300 km. Shooting down a low orbiting satellite is a rare achievement for the country.

The elusive mission was led by DRDO and it amied at strengthening the security of the country. In a press conference, during the 97th Indian Science Congress in Trivandrum, Director of DRDO, Gen. Rupesh had announced about the development of the said technology. The commencement of the mission had started on February 10, 2010. PM Modi said that Mission Shakti was a complex one and its success showed the dexterity of our scientists and our capability.

The difficult to achieve #MissionShakti was acheived in 3 minutes of its launch.

Anti Satellite weapon are specialised space weapons that have the capability of intercepting and destroying the satellites of another country during a conflict. Although till now no such system has been used in warfare, several nations have shot down their own satellites in a show of force.

India has long been in troubled neighbourhood, with surrounded by hostile expansionist super power like China and nuisance of terrorism like Pakistan. With this technology being acquired, India will be able to decimate satellites for pure military and strategic purposes. It will also strengthen our position in Geopolitical world, there by boosting our eligibility for UNSC membership.

This mission has fully strengthened India’s position as 4th superpower of the World, thereby putting all power playing of other nations to rest.

Rahul Gandhi’s major alliance partner takes Pakistan Favourable stand.

File Pic

Congress’s major alliance partner in Maharashtra, NCP, in a shocking development has put ‘Talks with Pakistan on terror’ in its election manifesto.

NCP Leader, Malik Rehman, when asked said, “”We will open talks with Pakistan during which we will insist on discussing terrorism. We will work to move Russia away from getting too close to China and Pakistan by frequent high level exchanges,”

Another NCP Leader, Majid Memon has also said that, “Retaliating to Pakistan can only escalate, to have normal relations we need to hold talks. Having talks does not mean we will surrender to them.”

In a situation, where in INC was claiming it did 15 ‘Surgical Strikes” without making a news about it, for its alliance partner to take such a contrast stand on the issue, is little surprising.

What would these complete opposite takes on an important issue of National Security would mean for both the parties in alliance, is up for speculation.

Pakistan : A 14 year old Hindu girl abducted and converted

A 14 year old Hindu girl was forcibly abducted and converted in Mirpurkas city of Pakistan’s Sindh. Sonia Bhel was abducted from her house, raped and made to convert and marry her rapist.

Sonia’s family and many other members from Pakistan’s Hindu Community have staged protest. So far no action has been taken by Sindh Government against the perpetuators.

Naila Inayat, A Pakistan based journalist, took to twitter to report the alleged abduction and conversion.

Smriti Irani would be contesting from Wayanad too.

from HA News Desk

Rahul Gandhi this time will contest from Wayanad apart from Amethi. This move is being perceived by many as a defensive due to fear of losing to Ms.Irani in Amethi. To make the contest far more competetive and nail biting, BJP is making arrangements to make Smriti Irani contest from Wayanad too.

Traditionally the seat was given to BJDS an alliance partner of the BJP in NDA. Now senior BJP leaders are hinting at talks being going on to get the seat to BJP Candidate. If everything goes as planned it would be Rahul vs Smriti in Wayanad too.