Why I will vote for Modi: From the diary of a first time voter.

As 2019 Loksabha Elections come near, so the political commentaries and game-playing from both sides, BJP and Congress. With all the talks rounding around Farmers, Employment, Rafale, Patriotism debate and all the conundrums with counter and replies, one block which seems to be not talked of or conveniently ignored are the first time voters: the Millennials. Being from the widely ignored illustrious group I thought it would be good to speak and let my voice heard.

Most of us grew in shadow of talks and accusations of Congress’s corrupt nature and country desperately searching for an option to the corrupt, dynastic and nepotistic Grand Old Party, and when 2014 happened, country got the ‘Messiah’ in the form of Narendra Damodardas Modi, a leader with most humble background whose rise is testimony to fact of our rich democracy and country’s undying spirit to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. After five years of Modi, although I will agree we haven’t got all that was promised to us, but not one non-political person will deny the fact that that this government has been by far one of the most clean governments in India’s 70 years Independence history. The Opposition has been on back foot whirling around same old issues of farmers and unemployment. The opposition hasn’t been able to counter Modi on the real fresh issues. By far there are no serious corruption allegations against the current government. Rafale is almost dead and Modi’s popularity keeps on soaring.

PM Modi’s most successful project is the push for Digital India and Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. According to me these both projects are the most yielding and have reached the masses. Five years back, apps like BHIM, Digital Complaints etc were a dream. PM Modi’s interaction on Social Media is wonderful. People love how he is active on twitter, Instagram, Facebook totally contrast to his preceder, Mr. Manmohan Singh, whom we have almost never heard. People, especially youth identify with him, connect with him in a way, they haven’t done with any PM, except for maybe PM Nehru. With his “Mann ki Baat”, PM makes each n every Indian feel important, connects with them cultivates a sense of responsibility in regards to the Nation building.

Coming to the Foreign Policy, I think India has never been so much active on International forum. Visiting almost every country, PM Modi has made sure India had active diplomatic relations around the world. That was visible in current happenings regards to Masood Azhar saga, when each n every country supported India against Pakistan except for China and also during the aftermath of Pulwama attacks. Most illustrious win of this government according to me was when Sushma Swaraj was invited as ‘Guest of Honor to a fairly traditional and beaurocratic OIC, and Pakistan, one of its founding members, was left red-faced and ignored after threatening to withdraw as a protest against India’s invitation.

Coming to economy, Demonetization surely was a very bold move, but aftermath has been fairly yielding. Country’s economy is blooming at the rate of 7-8 %, the highest in the world, surpassing China. It was during this government’s tenure that we have surpassed France to be the fifth largest economy in the World. According to Spectator Index, India’s economy is all set to surpass that of U.S by 2030, if the current growth rate sustains.

In science and technology sector too we have seen wonderful growth. With ISRO’s high profile Mars Mission being a great success, there is surely going to be enormous boom in the space sector. Many new IITs and IIMs have been started, giving opportunities to many youngsters to be a part of the illustrious institutions. Literacy rate is growing and age old practices and societal evils are declining.

PM Modi has always projected himself as a tough man who gets shit done. So it is natural for him to be under continuous scrutiny pertaining to National Security. With two surgical strikes on his curriculum vitae and diplomatic offensive against our troubled terrorist neighbor, PM Modi has shown that under his rule, India is not going to take any attack on its soil lightly. The Balakot airstrike which became death warrant for Pakistan’s beloved 300 terrorists have put India’s image from being a soft power, to a strong and not to be messed with nation. It surely has strengthened the morale of Indian Armed Forces, which uptil now were restraining from replying to Pakistan in a language it understands due to lack of political will.

After all this achievements, I would have still considered looking for an option to Modi, had Rahul Gandhi, not questioned the surgical strikes, not one, but both of them. And how can I forget his hobnobbing with Chinese Diplomats during Doklam standoff when India was on verge of going to war with the Dragon. If that is not anti-national, I don’t know what is! And I don’t know about those confused souls who say, “Nationalism is the refuge of a scoundrel”, atleast I want my Prime Minister to be a nationalist, and if that means being a scoundrel, I will wear that tag as a badge of honor.

PM Narendra Modi