Intelligence agencies are considered as the most essential security pillar of any country. They protect their nation from cross-border terrorism; they monitor the proceedings of foreign governments; they advice policymakers to apt the best available path; they whack away ill-natured folks back to their domain; they do everything to protect their civilians but whatever they do, they do behind the curtains. Here we go with our secret list which brings up the ten most far-famed intelligence agencies of the world. And yeah, after reading this list, if you discover a cigar exploding somewhere in or out then make sure a “real life” James Bond was there to bolt down a potential threat in your vicinity.

10. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India:

The most lethal weapon of India’s security, RAW was formed on September 21, 1968, under the premiership of Indira Gandhi with R.N. Kao as its first director. The elementary tasks of this intelligence agency are fighting against terrorism, monitoring the movements of foreign governments and advising the Indian policymakers to root-out potential threats. Agents of RAW are known for their “ethically flexible” trait along with keeping a constant barrier between themselves and the rest of the world.

9. Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), France:

A bit controversial yet extremely soundable in counterintelligence and paramilitary operations abroad, DGSE is the guardian of France’s dignity. Widely appreciated for the successful accomplishment of some much-talked objectives, this intelligence agency has a unique modus operandi. The analysts and operatives of DGSE are expert in playing risky games with deadly actions. DGSE has also gained notability in information warfare.

8. Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany:

Successor to the Gehlen Organization, BND trespasses other intelligence agencies in the areas of electronic surveillance and wiretapping. Since April 1, 1956 – the day of its establishment, BND has regularly conducted espionage operations, successfully breaching the security and authenticity of number of foreign governments. On several occasions, BND has alerted the German government on the issues of terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) proliferation and others.

7. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia:

Working under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia, ASIS has some unique parameters to gather information from various countries overseas. Established on May 13, 1952, under the supervision of contemporary Prime Minister Robert Menzies, this intelligence agency is highly instrumental in tackling international terrorism, drug trafficking and counter-revolutionary activities. ASIS is also known for its technological advancement among other secret agencies across the world.

6. Ministry of State Security (MSS), China:

Counted among one of the most fierce intelligence agencies of the world, MSS is an epitome of espionage along with being a potent firewall of People’s Republic of China. Holding a monolithic pool of sophisticated and highly-trained agents, MSS is involved in counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, surveillance and border security. It collects and analyses information on a variety of areas and prevents threat to Chinese interests from foreign countries.

5. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan:

Responsible for national and international counter-terrorism efforts, ISI is best known for not missing even the pocket-sized clue about potential threats on Pakistan. ISI was formed in 1948 and since then it has played a significant role in endorsing the Pakistani policies on global level. Agents of ISI have been stationed in different areas where they work aggressively to ensure the safety of Pakistani people as well as protecting the economic and political interests of the nation.

4. Military Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6), United Kingdom:

An inspiration for James Bond movies, MI6 is reckoned as the secret frontline of United Kingdom’s security. Formed in 1909, as the Secret Service Bureau, this intelligence agency is known for its cool yet deadly agents who are notable for executing sensational operations over the years. It is said that the agents of MI6 operate in different parts of the world masquerading themselves as journalist, teacher, entrepreneur and often an apparent nobody of society. Comprising a long track record of success, MI6 is one of the most highly funded secret agencies out of the top 10 of this list.

3. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States of America:

If United States is a superpower then one must know that the main driving force behind its supremacy is the CIA. The fortified defensive structure of this intelligence agency is endorsed by ultra-sophisticated secret agents, state-of-the-art technology and out-of-the-way modus operandi. Founded on September 18, 1947, under the presidentship of Harry S. Truman, CIA is now a household name across the world. Ever since its inception, this secret agency has played an effective role in preventing the potential threats upon the integrity of America, lives of citizens, and the national and international interests of the United States.

2. Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye (GRU), Russia:

Best known for implementing some of the deadliest intelligence mechanisms and executing them aggressively, GRU holds a prestigious position in the list of best espionage agencies across the world. Agents of this intelligence agency are known for killing thwarters in a silent yet fierce way along with confronting any situation immediately that possesses threat to the nation and civilians anyhow. Apart from being a professional equipment in fighting against international terrorism, GRU has an appreciable track record in forecasting and neutralizing the monstrous intentions of foreign countries.

1. Mossad:

Also known as the “world’s most efficient killing machine”, Mossad is way ahead of rest of the intelligence agencies mentioned in this list. Established on December 13, 1949, as the Central Institute for Coordination, Mossad is known for its remorseless covert operations around the world. Since evolution, this agency has scored stack of perfect-than-best coups, demonstrating their potency to the entire world. The daredevil agents of Mossad are fully licensed to kill anyone, anywhere – when it comes about the security of Israel.

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